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>> gavin: hello and thanks for watching the show. are you ready to vote? we're on the "countdown" to the election. we'll give you compelling reasons why you must give president obama another four years. we'll focus on three election topics incredibly important issues that some how failed to make headlines in this brutal campaign. first the war on drugs. ethan nadelman said although obama has been a disappointment in some ways romney would be a disaster in fighting the the war on
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drugs. then in the aftermath of super storm sandy, climate change. it still has not been a critical part of our political debate. we'll ask josh becker why president obama deserves an a-plus in the way he handled hurricane sandy. and then we weigh in on what to expect if governor romney goes to the white house. we'll bring a look at the tight race with fresh statistics from dave goldberg, and finally jesse jackson why obama's track record is enough to give him a second term. we'll begin with the war on drugs. ethan nadelman wants to legalize marijuana among others things. he has a clear message. take marijuana out of the courts. tax it like other drug and move on. ethan. great to have you on the show. >> it's great to be here.
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>> gavin: election in just days. do you expect truly a dramatic shift in policy, a in obama's second term. and, b in an romney presidency versus an obama presidency. >> i have to say and legally speaking i'm head of of the drug policy action, the choice of us who care the drug wars is a choice between a disappointment and a disaster. romney from everything i can see, everything that he believes in and not flip flop on is the war on drugs. he could be the worse in the war on drugs since president bush. if the democrats take both the senate and the house, which is unlikely, i think we'll see serious movement forward. i think we'll see the emergence to evaluate the state of drugs
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in this country. we'll see more openings and inside and it's begin to go percolate, but i won't hold my breath for major reform. >> war on drugs success or failure. >> a monstrous failure. you look at people who are serving time. you look at mexico. it's about the failure of the prohibition. >> what is it about our inability to equate evidence with our own theology, our ideology, democrats and republicans who have held strung to this, being stuff in the war on drugs despite overwhelming evidence of failure. >> part of it, we managed to build up in america a prison industrial complex a massive one. i hope we don't have to wait for president obama four years from now, i hope four years from now
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to give a speech that eisenhower gave in '61. a lot of money, a lot of prisons, a lot of prison builders prosecutors who are warriors of the drug war. they don't give a damn about the public hurt. if you spend more money helping people with drug treatment or healthcare, that will reduce the crime and public safety problems than the war on drugs. >> $50 billion to $100 billion a year. what aspect of that drug war is more problematic from your perspective? is it the sentencing? is it the prosecution the military intervention, what aspect, what component of that kind of investment in failure from your perspective is president bushproblematic. >> it's really the high levels of arrest and incarceration.
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in america we have less than 5% of the world population, but the highest percentage of incarcerated population. and the extent of people of color being behind bars who are no more likely to be using or selling drugs. than white people, and internationally it's the intersection of a.i.d.s. you look at some countries in europe, australia, they kept their h.i.v. rates among drug users to 1% to 2%. in america we've allowed ..25 people die because we would not trump that. >> and it's the needle exchange. >> trying to deal with them as human beings, as we would with an alcoholic or cigarette
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addict. if you're not committing crimes against other people, you should not be locked up. >> we're talking about a junkie toas compared to your point uncle bob is dealing with alcoholic problem. >> part of it is ignorance. people think that heroin is a monstrous thing. in point of fact there have been controlled studies where you give long-term heroin drugs a drug, and people can't tell the difference. if all of a sudden you could snap your finger and there was no more heroin in the world or all the people in the hospital were getting deloudin or heroin, they wouldn't know. it's part of fears. we need a boogeyman. and the junkie, and of course the fear about our keys. every parent you and i we want
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to put our baby in the bubble, and we want to protect them and those drugs or even talk-- >> there we go, end the war on drugs, even loosely, then our children will become more and more addicted. there will be more widespread use, more abuse in the home therein lies the argument. >> it's not like selling it like alcohol or cigarettes like 24/7 like you do in california here. it's more about reducing the harm reducing the role of the criminal law in drug control policy as much as possible while protecting health and safety. >> despite all that evidence we're beating our heads against the wall. we have presidential candidate
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who act original in their thinking, but when they get in, they become carbon copies of their predecessors. what is it about the political inability or the public unwillingness to support issues. >> it's very hard and unusual for the president to lead. look at gay marriage, you provided leadership, and then years later president obama said me too. he's following. in '53, fdr didn't lead, he followed the rest of the country. obama came in. he had made three commitments when running for president four years ago. he said i'll roll back the federal war on marijuana. i'll change these mandatory penalties and allow federal funding for needle exchange. lo and behold he made good on all three in the first three months and then he backed away. first because the republicans
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became in control and then the old forces got back in there again. i'm hoping he'll have a second term and have something better. >> i remember when i was san francisco supervisor and mayor of the city, we did every two weeks we had that passive resolution of state of emergency so we could provide needle exchange in our city. that was eventually lifted, and then the republican congress brought it back. president obama promised not to be as aggressive as bush was on some of the raids. but now here in california in particular they've been even more aggressive. >> i'm very critical of the president across the board on this stuff, but just to be fair, what is going on in california and a few other states is being driven not by the white house or the justice department in washington. it's driven by the local u.s. attorneys. it's the local u.s. attorney here in melissa haig and others around the state who are hyper aggressive and they're not
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collaborating with city and county government who is are regulating medical encourage in marijuana in a responsible way. what obama is doing is he's showing a failure of leadership. 's not leading the aggressive attacks, but he's not pulling back on ways he could be doing on what they are doing. >> legalization versus decriminalization. i hear talks where it's one and the same. we don't say we're liberals but progressives. is there a major distinction? >> there is. basically legalization refers to more or less regulating marijuana like alcohol, which is what colorado and washington are proposing to do, and what this marijuana initiative did in california two years ago. that gets rid of the black market it brings in quality control and ultimately it's the right thing to do.
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decriminalization is a step in that direction. it's saying that it's still he will legal to produce or grow a large amount but no one will go to jail. governor schwarzenegger a few years ago. >> most people use heroin or cocaine, they used marijuana first like they used alcohol and like they used cigarettes. however, the vast majority of people who use marijuana never go on to use cocaine and never go on to use marijuana. it's like worrying about motorcycle riding because discouraging bicycle riding. >> we're getting close to 50% of americans supporting this.
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>> there are three pieces of evidence. we've seen support for legalizing marijuana going from 36% years ago to 50% today. and the opposition dropped by the same amount. if you line up support for gay marriage and legalizing marriage it's the same tipping point. you see this problem of over- over-incarceration. you have many say enough already already. we need to redirect resources. we don't have the money. thirdly, you have not just former presidents but current presidents in guatemala and the president of uruguay said let's legalize marijuana there and it's begin to memorialate to
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people in the united states and washington. >> i remember having a conversation with president calderón in mexico city, an interesting private conversation, i don't want to speak out of caution but is it your view, and i won't go into details, but there is a public position about states like california legalizing, and then a private position. you note there are those in office who have more courage leaning in. what would happen to some of the violence in mexico and elsewhere if states like california-- >> you put your finger on it right there. most of those presidents are saying it would be terrible to legalize marijuana. and privately they're telling everyone that they hope it winds not because it solves the problem of crime but it ends prohibition policy. we draft adler and got it signed
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by prominent machines mexicans. >> but it was never made public. >> no. we said this is why we hope you legalize marijuana. then my ally said ethan foreigners don't want to be told about marijuana. >> i'll give you my perspective i owe you one, from your perspective that consistently denies or the private conversations that we have, once out of office it's remarkable how open they are to more prerogative policies as it relates, especially on marijuana. what is it about politicians in this respect? we're just scared of losing our jobs? >> of course it's that. it's this fear of being democrat
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demig ods in the last part of the campaign. it's the fear of setting it up to take a bold position. i'll say this about the governor jerry brown. there was a position in 2008 that would have transformed the whole prison system, proposition 5. everything was based upon all the expert recommendations. but the prison guard union key factors, he wanted them lined up for his gubernatorial run. >> he's planning a determinant sentencing law which put us on the path of some of the overpopulation experiences. >> right now mark leno has been pushing a bill in sacramento that would reduce the penalty. and it would reduce the amount of people behind bars. but it's tough going in sacramento why? people have the third that it's the third rail, the thing that
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they can't touch. it's moving. definitely different from ten years ago and definitely different from 20 years ago. >> i think i've gone so far without saying what i'm going to say, count me as a support center doing the right thing and move beyond this pal try limited debate on marijuana and not just supply myself with the warm embrace of the medical marijuana. i'll put myself on the limb on the issue of reconciling that it needs to be regulated treated like alcohol and tobacco. >> i appreciate it and we'll be talking. >> we'll be talking. >> well, the cleanup of murk sandy will take months if not years and cost tens of billions of dollars. and no doubt extreme weather appearance are causing such severe storms. up until now candidates have completely ignored climate changes as extremely grave importance. we'll talk about that.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> gavin: super storm sandy was just as bad or even worse than anybody expected. why is climate change not a key topic in the national debate? josh becker, founder of clean economy next oh network is here to help us understand. frustrating. four debates. one vice presidential, three presidential debates. not one question from the audience. not one question from the
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moddator about the question of global warming half of our county under severe drought. the arctic ice melt at historic levels, and the the acuity of these 100-year storms now happening every year or every other year. what is going on. >> you just rattled off key stats that people should be paying attention to, but you're right, people hadn't been paying attention to on both sides. sandy has changed that. it has changed it in a number of ways. you know, we're just talking about the cover up business week, it's global warming stupid. we're talking about obama getting great marks of his handling. >> and michael bloomberg coming out and endorsing president obama because of the issue of climate change. >> yes, tremendous. you know, massive news that happened today. almost as importantly the time that he got with christie going around and showing that he's a
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leader in response to the crisis. but so i think you're right. it has been absent from the agenda. clean energy came up mostly as an attack line for romney. but you remember at the convention romney's big line and big speech was obama wants to stop the seas from rising. that was his applause line. >> gavin: yes. >> as of now we're seeing a much more sober view across the board of the issue. the last point i'll make is if you don't want to listen to climate scientists on this matter, look at the numbers. another thing that came out the other day was that when the giant german insurance company said that climate-related loss has quinn tripled in the u.s. >> cenk: it's interesting that the insurance companies will have more at stake in losses.
11:22 pm
these are big corporate leaders that are hardly the folks on the front lines. they're not just holding hands and talking about the weather but they live in that world and they've been the ones most aggressive. i want to go back and not just talk about yesterday because i think you're right about sandy and i hope it points to a most optimistic future. we said that four years ago with all the incredible work that had been done, vice president gore and theen convenient truth. then he gets president obama gets into office then the climate bill gets stuck in the senate in 2010. we've seen some things done but not to scale. what has been the case? what has been the problem the last few years that has caused the democrats let alone the
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republicans to move. >> you're right. as president you can only do so much. we have the healthcare, and i think we'll all be happy with that. then climate change, by the time they decide to take it up, the house did not have enough momentum to make it through the senate. effort was made. forces were rallied. didn't get there in time. i think the question now people will be looking throughout the energy world and people who care about this issue what's next? what are we going to do if we can't get a major cap and trade legislation, what can we do along the way? that's where a lot of planning has come on. and one of the positive things to happen, you've been a leader on let's build the green economy. if we had more solar if we had more wind, ultimately these things would help. you're right, it did take a backseat initially, and it
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didn't have momentum. >> gavin: let's talk about what to do as opposed to who is the blame. the old adage we have to get in the "how" business. how do we reduce greenhouse gas emissions and grow an economy. you talk about the green economy. of course you note that in the last debates the one frame was the pejorative one which was $90 billion in stimulus, then we her so lyndra, and the failure there, and the battery and the struggle. then suggesting that half of the money was lost which was just an abject lie or complete ignorance ignorance, which equally is deplorable in my perspective coming from the romney camp. what does it look like today in a post solyndra world. >> it actually looks quite
11:25 pm
robust. solar jobs, 100,000 jobs in the solar industry, more than the coal industry. wind industry, 75,000 jobs. also about equal if not more than the coal industry. so given solar and wind, double the jobs than in the entire coal industry. you put on the radio ads for solar infraers, the price of solar has dropped dramatically, which is good news for clean energy. not good news like solyndra that was trying to compete against chinese imports. but in terms of installation jobs building wind farms, it's actually been growing and robust. that's the unreported side of the story. >> gavin: what about the wind tax credits that are being debated. that's got to be putting a chill on the industry today with the
11:26 pm
uncertainty tomorrow. >> it's infuriating. for romney not to supposed those tax credits. he has to know that it's the uncertainty. this is one thing that clean energy said, we don't want a handout forever. phase things out over time but do it in a rational manner. we can't have the boom and the bust. thenwhere it went big and then it was destroyed and then technology jobs went overseas. it's difficult to think about that and the repercussion when we could have a much more orderly transfer. but not the boom and bust. >> gavin: assume that president obama is re-elected. what should he think about going into the new year, taking the baton of sandy and new consciousness that hopefully is iowaawakened.
11:27 pm
what should be the top priority going into the second term? >> the top priority is talking again. your point was i think it was a good one that you started out with, no one is talking about. neither candidate is talking about it. we can't expect the american public to get on board if the leaders aren't talking about this. one thing that everyone is clear on, we will have storms of more intensity because of global warming. we will have more storms like this in the future because of global warming. one thing we have to do is start talking about it. second we really double down on theonthe innovation agenda. the president did a good job speaking about the sputnik future. a lot of people were on board
11:28 pm
and it resonated with what you talked about. then we got away from that because he got caught up with the elections. but getting back to that and putting clean energy pat the top of the list, funding and r & d that leads to innovation breakthroughs. that's what enables it to flour is the r & d from the government so universities can benefit from, and that leads to ultimately future jobs. >> here is a clean carbon second green growth second term. >> gavin: we have to take a break, but find out when we come back that we're losing the global race to attract talented entrepreneurs.
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so we gotta go! we're going to go to red lobster. yep. [ male announcer ] try our 15 under $15 menu and sea food differently! this is more than a teddy bear. it's a step towards normal. it's why allstate catastrophe teams not only have hot coffee and help for grownups... they've also handed out more than twelve thousand teddy bears to kids. people come first... everything else is second. that's allstate's stand. are you in good hands? [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> gavin: wearing many hats, author entrepreneur, and author. he's finding skilled immigrants
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outside of the united states. he just wrote a book, it's great to have you back on the show. >> great to be back. >> gavin: this issue of entrepreneur exodus or immigrant exodus is something that has been well chronicled from the 1995 to 2005 time frame we saw half of the start ups attached to immigrants in silicon valley. you came out with a new report that shows one. >> it's down to 44%. it's not that it's gotten bigger or more americans are starting more companies but we have fewer startups. weless than if we had the right policies. >> gavin: i read a couple of blogs that you wrote to the "washington post" talking about what is happening in china and currency manipulation.
11:32 pm
you feel that they have got it wrong. >> america has been able to reinvent ourselves. every 30, 40 years we reinvent ourselves and we achieve more greatness. right now with the technology that we're building, robotic artificial intelligence 3 d printing we coulde automate america and bring manufacturing back in a big way. rather than trying to focus on yesterday's battles, which is the currency manipulation, let's outsmart china by outinnovating. let's create new technology and work ourselves up the ladder. there are fewer jobs in the new world of automation, but they are higher quality jobs. if we bring enough, we'll employ the american workforce. that's the right way to do it. >> you were looking for that response to the tough questions about what's happening in china and all these other countries that are on the rise and contact contacts with gdp growth and the like. not just from romney, but you've
11:33 pm
been critical with president obama. >> i'm disappointed with president obama. he comes to silicon valley every three or four months asking for money. he goes to all the venture capitalists, the big companies makes promises tells them, i hear your concerns. i know you need to hire immigrants. i know you need to start companies. he says all the right things, and then goes back to dc and has amnesia. in the presidential debates romney was more eager to talk about skilled immigrants and the skills in silicon valley than obama. >> gavin: your frustration even again, the words of comprehensive immigration reform, the focus on innovative economy, reform of education the like, it's fine. it's the lack of application of those words the inability to square up the reforms with the h 1 b visas.
11:34 pm
>> one simple bill would boost entrepreneurship all over is. if any foreigner wants to come and start an american company. i'm talking about them bringing in their own money 20 hens and hundreds of thousands of dollars from their friends their families from back home. if after five years they employeeemployfive workers we'll give you a green card. >> gavin: why that has not provided a champion from the president himself. >> there have been several bills attempted to be passed, but they're just stalled in economies and they don't go anywhere. if the president wanted to repay silicon valley for giving him all the political donations and supporting him he basically
11:35 pm
would have told his supporters to get this bill passed. he hasn't done that. it's that simple. >> gavin: what is the argument against it? you said it doesn't take away from american jobs. is that the concern? that immigrants are coming in, taking away american opportunity? >> gavin, it boils down to amnesty for the undocumented workers, and h 1 b visas. the republicans would not let amnesty happen no matter what it takes. they would rather let america stall if it has to. they would not forgive these people for trying to flee economic oppression and come to this country of opportunity. they won't allow amnesty. for the republicans its nothing at all costs. >> you're calling the start of visa is one thing. we talked about h 1 b visas.
11:36 pm
you're not talking about the existing--because you'll pulled out limitations. the skilled work comes under the h 1 b see is a visa. ifthey come in under an employer. and if could be years and years where the employer has all the leverage over the employee. >> a lot of people who have been attacking me, i agree with them on partially what they're saying about the h 1 b visa. i hate those visas. i want the free market rule. i want visas that let silicon valley flourish. allow them the skills workers that they want and allow them to come and start companies. we hear from them every day how
11:37 pm
difficult it is for them. we're not trying to take away american jobs but trying to do what is right for silicon valley, what is good for america. if you look at my books i get attacks, death threats they call me anti-american. everything in the book all because i care about this country. >> gavin: in speaking of this country, other countries are now reconcileing their own immigration policies. in some sense we do more, and in some respects we do. but in germany, they have to be more competitive in i.t. and you're seeing it in canada australia, u.k. israel, places where you haven't seen that leadership including china understandably is now moving in a direction to be more accommodating. what do you see. >> they'll give you $40,000 to come. >> gavin: repeat that.
11:38 pm
chile will give you-- >> $40,000 for free to just come and start your company there. here we are in america. everybody wants to come here. we say no, your you're too good for us. you graduateed with ph.d, we don't want you. go back and compete with us. >> gavin: speaking of going back, in china they have a program to encourage those to get educated out here, subsidized partially by the american taxpayer and then have the advantage of those folks going back home and they'reed opportunities. >> they'll give you hundreds of thousands of dollars to start one of the incubators. we don't get it. what this country did was it looked at the magic of silicon valley and what makes america what it is. they figured out its skilled immigrants. highly educated workers who create innovation. we want them too.
11:39 pm
now they're doing what we used to do, and we are closing our doors. >> gavin: soft paced education. >> yes. the technology is making it possible to change the way we educate. we now have the tablet devices on which you could run very sophisticated software that adjusts to your thinking. if a child, for example doesn't like reading textbooks which is a way of teaching, it let's them play games. if they don't like games it converts them into puzzles. if they don't like puzzles they start choking them videos. it changes the way they learn. now they go in to discuss things, social skills, interact with others. education is an automated phenomena using technology. and the role of school is to impart knowledge discuss, and hang out with great people. >> gavin: speaking of great people, i admire your work, immigration exodus immigration
11:40 pm
available on amazon and else wear. thankand elsewhere. >> thank you. >> thank you my friend. >> survey monkey, david goldberg is here with the latest polling data. i just made an unbeatable unsloppy joe pillsbury grands biscuits. let the making begin. [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> gavin: well according to most polls and surveys, president obama and governor romney are in a dead heat for the election. but survey monkey does have useful and unusually insights on the race. dave goldberg joins us, great to have you on the show. >> thanks. >> gavin: you're suggesting that the swing states are tighter than some of the other sort of the blended averages of the other polls. >> what we're seeing right now the swing states are very tight. right now, you know, we're showing most of the same toss up states. we're showing romney lightly
11:44 pm
ahead in ohio. but we're showing obama ahead in virginia. these are within the margin of error, plus or minus 1%. the national number which has been consistent, we show obama .8%. what we're seeing is some places are very different. florida, we have consistently felt solid romney for a long time. a lot of people still have that as a toss up. >> gavin: this last week's poll that shows obama lead. >> yes yes. i think the race is closer than some of the pollsters and pundits say. i think it's too close to call. i don't think we would say that obama is going to wayne or romney is going to win. but i think the polling is misleading to show that it is obama right now than it is. it depends on who shows up, what is the weather like. a whole bunch of factors play in
11:45 pm
this what does the storm do. >> gavin: here's what people are thinking as that meet something occurring. >> yes, and we're going to know--we're still going to be in the field on monday, and the election is on tuesday. >> gavin: interesting. >> there is not going to be whole lot of value being in the field on monday because it will be too late for them to publish the results. then we'll be able to say who did you vote for in realtime in an exit poll on a whole other level. >> we're not saying that we're better but we feel just as good as phone polling and it doesn't actually cost us anything. phone polling is really expensive. >> gavin: i've spent plenty of money in polling. let me put it in perspective. when i was running for mayor, i would do a comprehensive poll. it would cost about $30,000 to
11:46 pm
35 they had to a simple baseline poll. this is in the city. if you want to go statewide and get a broader swath you're in the $50,000-plus range. and that is just one poll. multiply it by all these polls being done in swing states and they're going deeper and the extraordinary amount of money. >> it's $10,000 to $20,000 each state poll when they run it. the only reason why they pay $10,000 is because they are running so many. the hand mobile is pretty expensive. it's very costly, and that cost is not going to come down over time. it will continue to rise because you have people involved. >> you don't think it's gone to a whole other level in terms of integrating. >> it's slowly going there. when you look at the vast majority of where the money
11:47 pm
goes the state races and i think i saw a number, $7 billion spent this year in the election. most of it is going to traditional media and get out the vote efforts. there is very little money that's going into the digital side. so kind of as an example one of the things that i've been really surprised hasn't happened is people using pandora streaming radio, to target ads by zip code which you can do by pandora. i think that would be a great way--maybe you won't get every demographic, but you're going to get the demographic that you want if you're charging swing voters in suburban neighborhoods, pandora would be very good. we ran pandora saying that 60% listens to streaming music mostly pandora. that would an good medium, but i haven't seen people use it as an
11:48 pm
ad medium. they use it as an organizing medium they use facebook and activity for get people excited. but it's to organize your existing followers. >> gavin: is that because that's the way things have been done, and the risk-award, if we put too much there and we forgive the original strategies of destroying our opponent. >> that's part of it. it's also again you know, pollsters for the most part are--they want to--they're probably the most conservative. this is the way that it's been done. there is a lot of science and data behind this. so like changing it is scary. even though as we said the response rates are going down. people are hard for find. people will cling to what they've been doing. i don't think anybody is going to necessarily embrace what survey monkey should be the new
11:49 pm
standard. it's been interesting. i'm glad we've been able to talk to you guys about it, but a lot of people who do polling have been unwilling to use our data because they're like, well, this is really going to upset all the other pollsters. so it's--you know, it's touchy with them. >> free service versus the traditional lockdown service. i could imagine. you know a thing or two about that. you've been through a lot of industries notably the music industry, and now the survey monkey. dave, thanks for being on the show. >> thanks for having me. >> gavin: when we come back i'll give you my thoughts about climate change, drug change and jesse jackson when we come back. to you. to help you make informed decisions, watch current tv's politically direct lineup.
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only on current tv. vote smart. our democracy depends on an informed electorate. of sununu, you're wrong. mitt romney, you're wrong. we need more teachers, not fewer teachers and more cops and more firefighters that support our
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> gavin: okay, it's time to come clean and share my personal views on the key issues we raised on the show. first climate change. you're watching us on current tv, a progressive network founded by vice president al gore in 2005. that should say it all but it doesn't. today's inconvenient truth is most mainstream media puts climate change on the back burner. that's unacceptable. here at the gavin newsome show, we're commits ourselves to
11:54 pm
climate change later this year. now on to technology. we have to find new ways to find innovation especially in our schools. i have the privilege of sitting on the california board of regents and the california system board of trustees. i findi want to take a much more aggressive approach toation with the way how we educate our students not just look at how much it costs. finally, drug policy. i know this is a tricky one. there are compelling arguments. helling arguments for and against decriminalizing marijuana. just like for some there are multiple legitimate reasons why legalizing certain drugs may or may not benefit society. you heardy ethan nadelman said decriminalizing marijuana is the first step in the right direction. i agree. i also think we need sentencing reform. i'm voting yes to proposition 36 here in california. if passed on tuesday the
11:55 pm
measure will modify the three strikes and you're out rule that has been on our books since 1994. the controversial law would be amended, amended with new sentencing guidelines for non-violence crimes. finally, tonight here's why jesse jackson believes you must vote yes to give president obama another term. >> the oil industry, three ships in michigan three ships in ohio ohio. and the healthcare coverage is a step in the right direction. so he has a track record. so far romney is running in his tracks. he has no tracks of his own. he's running in barack obama's tracks. >> gavin: that's it for tonight. go out and vote and stay in touch with facebook, and twitter and google plus. have a great night everybody.
11:56 pm
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